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Over the course of her career Grainne has dealt with a vast number of health & beauty problems and issues on behalf of her client base. She is passionate about improving each client's well being, so who better to provide you with answers to those beauty Problems!!

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Q: Can you overtweeze your brows to the point that they don't grow back?

Gráinne Says: Only in the rarest of instances, but when it does happen, here's why: The repetitive trauma that's produced by tweezing can scar your follicles. A scarred follicle will produce either an unruly curly hair or no hair at all. To avoid this problem in the future, have your brows waxed professionally, then tweeze only the hairs that grow way out of bounds. This way, if the hair doesn't grow back, it'll only be hairs you didn't want in the first place.

Q: Should someone with oily skin moisturize?

Gráinne Says: Absolutely. Oily skin doesn't make you immune to environmental damage such as wind burn or general irritation. Moisturizer forms a good protective barrier against that kind of thing and, oily-skinned people may want the treatment benefits (pigment evening, line preventing, firming etc) often included in today's moisturizers. There's a great variety of nongreasy, oil-free formulas that are appropriate for oily complexions. (Just make sure to pick products labelled oil-free and noncomedogenic).

Q: Should you apply concealer over or under foundation?

Gráinne Says: In general, you should always put foundation on first, then layer on concealer. For example, if you want to downplay a zit, foundation goes first, then dab on a blemish cover-up. (Preapplied cover-up would smear right off during foundation application.) An exception - to hide under-eye circles, use only concealer (applied with either your finger or a synthetic brush), not foundation.

Q: Does shaving make your hair grow back darker or coarser, and does waxing make it grow back more slowly?

Gráinne Says: A razor has no magical powers: It can neither fatten nor darken hairs. What it can do is create the illusion of coarser, darker regrowth: Shaving produces blunt ends because you're simply cutting the hair, not yanking it from its roots as you do with waxing, and these blunt ends may be thicker than natural ends would be. Because waxing removes hairs at the root, you don't see them again until they grow to skin level and longer, but since a razor cuts hairs at skin level, you see regrowth straight away.

Q: How can I keep my face free from blackheads and spots?

Gráinne Says: Blackheads are clogged pores in the skin which can become inflamed and infected, causing pustules or pimples. The sebaceous glands of the skin become clogged by dirt and the gland's own sebum and generally need to be cleansed to prevent the formation of whiteheads or pimples. At Enhance Health & Beauty we have a selection of treatments available to help alleviate this problem including the use of steam which opens the pores allowing our therapists to use our professional cleansers to penetrate more deeply and clean more effectively. Minor blemishes can be treated using any of the common preparations on the market but look out for creams or gels containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or retinoic acid. These will help to clear up the blemishes and control the oil levels in the skin, preventing new outbreaks.


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